Botlist wants to solve bot discovery problems using the app store approach

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The Botlist website wants to become the app-store-for-bots, by making it easy for people to discover useful bots in a single, centralized location. Launched in April, the aim of Botlist is to stop people having to visit a wide variety of sites to find the bot they want, and it has adopted the familiar app store style for simplicity and friendliness.

In addition to a simple search bar, Botlist presents all its featured bots under platform and category, and shows it has bots ready for use on both Android and iOS operating systems, along with popular bot-powered platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Telegram.

Botlist wants to become the app store for bots

botlist screen

Select a bot and along with a brief description, there’s a link to activate the bot or to add it to the compatible platform. Like other app stores, there are suggestions for related bots. In an interview with VentureBeat, co-founder Ben Tossell said discoverability is a “big issue” for developers and bots, which Botlist aims to solve.

It’s free to submit a bot to Botlist, but the company does charge for expedited reviews, while apparently the team is also considering charging to be included in the featured bot section. For more details on how to submit your bot, visit Botlist’s site here.