Blueshift launches Personalization Studio for better personalised content ads across mobile channels

Blueshift, the Segment-of-One B2C marketing automation firm, has launched Blueshift Personalization Studio which lets marketers incorporate personalised content on an individual customer level into large-scale marketing campaigns across all channels without the need to involve IT or internal data scientists.
Blueshift launches Personalization Studio
Marketers can turn to user interaction from websites, mobile apps and physical store locations and create recommendations based on such real-time streams.

Currently, just 5% of marketers worldwide are personalising their mobile communications extensively. However, research has shown that experiences which are individualised are high in demand.
The company says that hyper-personalised recommendations have been hard to configure based on user behaviour and attempts to provide recommendation technology focused on providing widgets powered by black-box technology that advertisers aren’t able to customise.
Elliot Bell, Director of Brand Strategy & Community, The Muse, says:
elliott bell

“Within weeks of rolling out Blueshift, we have been able to deliver highly personalized content to our large base of engaged users. We especially like the fact that the recommendations are customizable to our needs, and that it is easy to automate several different personalized campaigns.”

The Blueshift Personalization Studio delivers dynamic recommendations for consumers based on real-time user interaction across each digital channel. It ingests real-time streams of interaction from websites, apps, point-of-sale and other system and bundles them up with a deep knowledge of a marketer’s catalouge of products or content.
The method then computes recommendations in real-time and lets marketers combine and filter them.

Vijay Chittoor, Co-founder & CEO, Blueshift, adds:
vijay chittoor

“With a team that comes from some of the largest consumer marketing companies in the world, we understand firsthand how challenging it is for marketers to deliver a highly personalized experience across all marketing channels. I am excited that our new Personalization Studio solution now enables B2C marketers to implement their own customized forms of predictive content, something that in the past would have needed extensive effort from internal data scientists and IT staff to both develop and maintain.”