Blis launches private marketplace for location-based mobile ads

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 27, 2016

Location data tech provider, Blis, just rolled out Blis Prime a private marketplace for location-based advertising with access to brand-safe inventory. The company says it’s the world’s largest private marketplace of its kind.
Blis Prime is the company’s new marketplace for location mobile ads
With buyers ever more concerned about the transparency of their inventory, Blis Prime is a customisable marketplace that gives access to high-end publishers, premium data as well as exclusive ad formats.
Among publishers providing inventory are News International and Forbes. In combination with location data, this inventory can be accessed programmatically via the company’s exchange partners across the Blis platform. The latter features audience targeting capabilities as well as automated campaign processes.
Greg Isbister, CEO, Blis, says:
gregor isbister

“Blis Prime combines the huge insight of location data with the quality and pricing benefits of private market deals. This unlocks tremendous value for our clients.”

Blis also partnered with analytics firm Moat for improved advertising viewability and attention metrics within Prime. The addition provides assurance that ads are viewed in the right places and the right time.
Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder, Moat, adds:
jonah goodhart

“As consumers increasingly move towards mobile first, location data is a powerful asset for marketers seeking the right time to reach their audiences. We are excited to work with Blis to provide even more insight into how those audiences pay attention to ads online.”