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Partner Post - Black6adv Mobile advertising network

Posted: July 4, 2016

The online mobile ad-exchange market is in constant and rapid evolution and the advertising platforms had to conform to those switches trying to foresee all the changes inside the industry.
Black6adv has been able to keep under control all the innovations of the market and anticipate them, seeing potentialities inside In App advertising as a vehicle to raise revenues and improve mobile ad campaigns performances.
Through In-app advertising, publishers, developers and advertisers, can get the most out of their business monetizing their apps, raising users’ engagement and their visibility.
Black6adv mobile advertising network
Why choosing Black6adv’s SDK to monetize your apps?
Our SDK is created on users needs. The SDK developed by Black6adv consists in a set of highly innovative development softwares, created by our engineers to satisfy every trade demands. If publishers want to monetize their business, thanks to this tool, they will be able to do it in an easy and safe way, just pasting the SDK code inside their app.
Besides, thanks to these set of codes, advertisers can publicize in-app, Android and iOS devices, targeting the campaigns for Country, time zone, timing, banner size, bid and budget.
The use of this tool will facilitate in-app advertising, helping increase revenues, exposure and presence inside the online mobile market.
Black6adv is going to be the main sponsor at Web Marketing Festival 2016, the 08 – 09 of July, in Rimini at Palacongressi. During the event there will be presented the many unique features of Black6adv ad platform with a particular focus on the use of our SDK to increase revenues and widen online mobile audience.