Billy Mobile BxLink Tool Leverages Machine Learning For The Best Ad & Visitor Matching

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: April 10, 2017

For publishers and media buyers around the world, choosing the offers that best monetize  their traffic and tracking their performance 24/7 can be a daunting, time-consuming experience. From offers that exhaust their budget in the middle of the night to the special properties of niche audiences, the list of factors that can produce sub-optimal performance of campaigns is endless.  Fixing these problems can be a tedious task, requiring constant monitoring and lots of testing until the right product is finally found.
Wouldn’t it be easier for them if they had the best, state of the art, ad-selection algorithms at their disposal? If they had access to technology that takes specific visitor characteristics into account to decide which offer to show to each individual visit at the optimal  time?  Billy believes so and that is why they have developed BxLink, a single link that connects traffic to their proprietary technology, ActiveBx, unleashing the power of Machine Learning onto campaigns.
Essentially, ActiveBx is a suite of powerful algorithms capable of creating prediction models based on visitors’ specific behavior and the properties of offers in Billy’s wide catalog. An automated, real time optimization that greatly improves ad conversion and total revenue by a continuous learning process.
BxLink Dashboard

By connecting to Billy’s BxLink, publishers will be granted access to the ad-selection system of one of the absolute leaders in the affiliate landscape, and that actually implies a lot:

  • An automated offer selection algorithm that never sleeps and constantly monitors  campaigns, reacting in real time to changes in performance.
  • The comfort of being able to select a single campaign for multiple targets: BxLink decides which offer is going to work best for the traffic in several countries, carriers and operating systems. So, if a publisher’s visitors actually aren’t customers of the carrier they thought they were, BxLink will show the most relevant ad for that visitor as well.
  • The possibility of discovering ads that maximize eCPM for the publishers’ traffic, and not for some ensemble of all the other publishers in their target.

In summary, Bx Link is an automated real time optimization that greatly improves ad conversion and revenue by continuously studying and learning from different parameters, obtaining the maximum performance. To learn more get in touch with Billy Mobile team.