Bidtellect updates Native Demand Side Platform for optimised mobile campaigns

Native ad tech platform, Bidtellect, just unveiled its third generation nDSP (Native Demand Side Platform). The updated release comes with a series of new features to optimise budgets across native ad formats for mobile, tablets and desktop. The platform offers access to 560m+ daily bids with 345m users worldwide across 242 targetable countries.
Bidtellect nDSP provides in-feed ads
Crystal Snee, VP, Associate Director, Platform Media at Trilia Media, says:
crystal snee

“In our thorough assessment of all of the Native DSPs, we selected Bidtellect’s self serve platform as the best-in-class solution to offer our clients programmatic native inventory.”

The latest update brings significant enhancements to user experience and workflow and utilises Material Design, to provide responsive animations and transitions alongside card layouts. The company says that users can now more easily access insertion orders, campaigns, creative content via a universal search bar. In addition, Bidtellect overhauled the dashboard and has added actionable insights reporting. Workflow is streamlined to manage inventory sources. Graphing functions have been enhanced throughout the platform to allow for metric comparisons and other KIP visualisations.
Lindsay Pullins, Associate Director, Programmatic Buying and Digital Media, Empower MediaMarketing, adds:
lindsay pullins

“The new interface from Bidtellect has improved our ability to take actionable insights with greater efficiency, which helps us serve our clients better.”

In addition, the update includes universal search, updated graphs throughout UI, creative bulk upload as well as audit enhancements.
Jeremy Kayne, Chief Technology officer, Bidtellect, rounds up:
jeremy kayne

“Our team’s underlying mission is to provide world class and best of breed results to our advertisers and this major release is just the latest example of this. Bidtellect continues to invest heavily in technology, innovation, and product development, and combined with our third generation optimization technology released last fall, we are leading the industry in making Native advertising really perform at scale.”