Bidalgo rolls out AI app install advertising tool for social media adverts

App marketer advertising automation services provider, Bidalgo, has just launched Bidalgo AI, an end-to-end advertising automation agent for app install ads on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Bidalgo AI combines Artificial Intelligent algorithms to manage and optimise the media buying cycle. This includes uploading ads and optimising their performance for real-time bid management, budget allocation and other processes.
Peli Beeri, Chief Executive Officer of Bidalgo, explained:

“Bidalgo AI delivers better Return on Ad Spend than any human possibly could, while automating complex workflows that until now have been performed manually. We have spent the past several years perfecting algorithms that apply Artificial Intelligence to things like bid management and budget allocation, and we are proud to now offer the industry’s first AI algorithm for uploading creative as well. Bidalgo AI automates the entire media buying process so that UA professionals can focus on higher-level strategies.”

The new addition basically automates the whole media buying process, from creative uploading, ROAS optimisation, real-time bid management, dynamic budget allocation to A/B Testing.
Patrick Witham, Director of User Acquisition, Product Madness, an Aristocrat Company, explained that the company had seen significant growth in campaign performance ever since it had tested Bidalgo AI.

“Bidalgo AI […] was able to increase our 7-Day ROAS by 15% in just 4 weeks. But more importantly, it has freed up a lot of our UA team’s time and energy. Simply uploading new creative can take up to 50% of one of our UA manager’s time. But with Bidalgo handling that for us, we have the time to focus on more strategic aspects of our campaigns, such as designing new creative, discovering new audiences, or breaking into new markets.”