Average spend of each Game of War: Fire Age paying player in 2015 was $550

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The average spend of each paying user of mobile developer Machine Zone’s Game of War: Fire age game is an astonishing $550, nearly twice that of its closest competitor, and way ahead of other major mobile titles including Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

Slice Intelligence shows the average spend on the top 25 mobile games

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This is according to data gathered by Slice Intelligence, showing the average spend per player on the top 25 mobile games in 2015. Summoners War comes second to Game of War, with a $272 average, with Big Fish Casino and Castle Clash in third and fourth position.

The earnings are not evenly split between users. It’s just 10% of those who spend on in-app purchases that are responsible for 90% of the revenue, while 1% of that 10% accounts for 58% of the revenue.

Mobile gaming average spend is close to that of traditional gaming, shows Slice Intelligence data

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Expanding the research out further, it’s identified that the average mobile gamer spent $87 last year, which is notably only around $5 behind the average spend of traditional gamers who spend out on console and PC games.

Additionally, Slice Intelligence shows that there’s little crossover between these types of players, with mobile gamers now dominating the market with 43% only buying mobile games, and 37% only console and PC titles. Only 19% spend out on both.