Avazu Mobile DSP reaches top 5 ranking in APAC

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Partner Post - Avazu Mobile DSP Your best choice for app promotion

Posted: June 2, 2015

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Mobile advertising platform Avazu has climbed to become one of ad exchange Smaato’s top five DSPs for the APAC region, and for two consecutive quarters. Avazu integrates with 20 global ad exchanges including Smaato. At the end of 2014, Smaato had more than 340 demand partners on its books, and research into the APAC region put Avazu in the top five buyers in terms of daily revenue for both Q4 2014, and Q1 2015. The data is based on Smaato’s total amount of successful, region-specific bids during those periods.
 An Introduction to Avazu Mobile DSP

Avazu Mobile DSP provides a comprehensive service to its partners — and currently sees 26 billion impressions each day — with features including real-time reports on clicks, impressions, and conversions, CTR/CR predictions, and fraud detection. Its machine learning models promise to win bids at the lowest possible price, all within a simple to use platform where campaigns can be setup within minutes. The platform integrates with over 18 different mobile and app advertising exchanges.
Avazu ad exchange and network partners 
Eva Huang, head of Avazu Mobile DSP, commented on the relationship with Smaato, saying:

“Smaato has been an important partner with Avazu for years, and we are excited to keep moving and stay ahead. Avazu’s willingness to listen and support clients needs, coupled with other quality products, make it a great partner.”

Similarly, Ragnar Kruse, Smaato’s CEO, added:

“It’s clear that Avazu is on the fast-track to becoming one of the top DSPs in APAC. We anticipate that Smaato’s new video and native publisher inventory will provide yet another avenue for Avazu to ramp up their revenue.”

To show how it can benefit advertisers and brands, Avazu has shared several case studies, based on campaigns operated internationally since July 2014 covering a range of geographic markets and platforms.
App Promotion Campaign, India (Jun 30 2014 to Aug 31 2014)
This app marketing campaign ran on the Android platform in India, delivering an extremely attractive $0.20 CPA and 136 thousand conversions in total.

Impressions Clicks Conversions CTR CR CPC CPM CPA
228m 5.21m 136k 2.28% 2.62% $ 0.005 $0.12 $0.20

Efficiency App promotion campaign, global (Apr 1 2015 to Apr 23 2015)
Another Android app campaign, running on a global basis, delivering a $0.11 CPA and 61,000 conversions.

Impressions Clicks Conversions CTR CR CPC CPM CPA
18m 3.78m 61k 2.10% 1.60% $0.00 $0.04 $0.11

Game promotion campaign, U.S. Feb (Feb 1 2015 to Feb 25 2015)
This campaign ran on Windows Phone in the U.S., delivering a $0.74 CPA and 4,051 conversions

Impressions Clicks Conversions CTR CR CPC CPM CPA
9.8m 126k 4.1k 1.30% 3.22% $0.02 $0.30 $0.73

Subscription offer promotion, South Africa (Dec 1 2014 to Apr 22 2015)
This campaign specifically targeted the South African market, running on all platforms, delivering a $1.77 CPA and 9,380 conversions

Impressions Clicks Conversions CTR CR CPC CPM CPA
153m 1.27M 9.38k 0.83% 0.74% $0.01 $0.11 $1.77

Health and fitness app promotion, Europe/U.S./Canada/Mexico, and others (Nov 16 2014 to Dec 20 2014)
This campaign ran on iOS in several markets, with a higher $2.63 CPA and 9,380 conversions in total.

Impressions Clicks Conversions CTR CR CPC CPM CPA
43.8m 188k 1.449k 0.43% 0.77% $0.02 $0.09 $2.63

Avazu works with more than 500 of the largest advertising companies around the world, and has seen a compound annual growth rate of 700%, and attracted $48m in funding during 2014. It has also recently signed on as a Google AdWords Premier SBM Partner. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. You can find out more about Avazu Mobile DSP here.