Avazu mDSP Is Introducing Private Marketplace Deals To Advertisers For Premium Traffic

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Partner Post - Avazu - A Global Mobile Ad Display Company

Posted: January 6, 2016

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In the past programmatic media buying, Open-RTB, has made the best of media inventories. It’s not that difficult to monetize in open auctions, however, advertisers, especially brands, are paying more attention to PMP (Private Marketplaces) when it comes to building brand awareness.
Is there a way to grow your business with high efficient programmatic ad tech, and reduce uncertainty about trading in the open marketplace at the same time? Avazu mDSP says yes! The answer: obtain high-quality users and set appropriate advertising budgets.
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At the end of November, Avazu mDSP formally opened PMP deals to advertisers on several platforms. It helps advertisers acquire traffic and guarantee they don’t go over their budget; most importantly, PMP offers brand advertisers premium audiences.
How does PMP work then? It’s pretty simple! Media is assigned a’fixed Deal ID’ to advertisers who have been invited to participate in the trading; traffic is then bought by the winner of the bidders among the qualified parties through a real-time-bidding process.
Advertisers are now welcome to consult with Avazu mDSP for interest in PMP traffic, and when the negotiation is done, Avazu mDSP will offer a corresponding Deal ID. It couldn’t be much easier to get premium traffic! If you need learn more, please send an e-mail to mdsp@avazu.net.
To get your Avazu mDSP account, you may apply here.