Avazu is Invited to The First Tencent Programmatic Ad Exchange Partner Summit

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Posted: January 21, 2016

On January 14th “The First Tencent Programmatic Ad Exchange Partner Summit and Annual Award in 2015″ was held in Beijing. Lin Jinghua, the Vice President of Tencent Group, and Luo Zheng, the General Manager of Tencent Social Advertising department, attended the summit – advertisers and partners from the industry were present at the summit as well.
All of the guests kept optimistic about the programmatic exchange market which is brought by Tencent Social Advertisement and explored the latest progress and future developments about the Programmatic Ad Exchange. As Tencent’s future strategic partner, Avazu was invited to the summit by Huang Ying, Head of mDSP, and Zhang Yufei, Product and Operation Manager who attended the summit personally.
The First Tencent Programmatic Ad Exchange Partner Summit
Lin Jinghua, the Vice President of Tencent Group
As the social giant in China, Tencent features ten billion in user traffic. Its core social platforms, QQ and Wechat have more than 800 million active users, covering 90% of Chinese Internet users, and perform excellently in terms of user engagement and time spent. The Tencent social network advertising offers more efficient user-targeting.
In September, 2015,QQ show advertisement via DSP presenting
In terms of Tencent mobile advertising, the average daily exposure of mobile Qzone newsfeed has been over 300 million. The average daily exposure of QQ music open screen is 20+ million. The total exposure of Tencent Ad Alliance, including open screen, interstitial, banner and native has been more than 540 million. Tencent social advertising has the absolute advantage in programmatic exchange with great quantity and high quality traffic. The daily exposure of the Tencent programmatic Ad exchange has been over 3 billion.
Preferred Deal of Mobile Qzone traffic overseas, help promote Marketing effective
As a technology-driven platform, Avazu has the world’s latest synchronization technology: history data from about 6000 advertisers, constantly updated arithmetic, device re-targeting, IP targeting, GPS targeting and other accurate targeting methods, all of which can satisfy premium advertisers’ demand of PMP. And now the technology and service of our platform has matured.
By connecting with the largest traffic platform in China, Tencent Guang Dian Tong, Avazu mDSP is expecting to take advantage of the Tencent social media data, so as to maximize the traffic value. By showing the whole process of advertising, the digital marketing chain is completely transparent. In the new year, Avazu mDSP will not only make great breakthroughs in technology, but will also build an open and transparent platform for advertisers, collect and reintegrate the premium resource and data, and offer effective KPI for advertisers by cooperating with Tencent and other internet traffic platforms. What’s more, Avazu mDSP can offer a customised service, adapting each specific brand on the premise of advertisers’ freedom of choice, and then build a steady connection for both media and advertisers.
Eva,Huang(right),Avazu Head of mDSP&Yufei Zhang(left),Avazu Product &Operation Manager
Eva Huang, Avazu Head of mDSP
Avazu mDSP has been focusing on connecting more than 30 offshore traffics and already has a daily exposure of 5 billion in China. However, it can not satisfy domestic clients’ increasing demand. Hence it is really a new journey for Avazu mDSP to step into domestic market by connecting with Tencent Ad Exchange. Up to now, both Tencent and Avazu mDSP have reached a consensus in terms of cooperation and direction, and their traffic is expected to be connected at the end of this month.
If you need to learn more information, please send an email to mdsp@avazu.net.