Avazu Inc opens Toronto Office and announces new hires

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Partner Post - Avazu - A global mobile ad display company

Posted: October 12, 2015

Avazu LA team pictured from left to right. Delara Abolhassani- Head of Publishers, Christopher Birdt- Pay Per Call Affiliate Manager, Chaunci Toney- Affiliate Manager, Julia Goeransson- Business Development Associate, Steve Alexander- Affiliate Manager. Not pictured Josephine Mellstrand – Business Development Associate.
Avazu Inc has hired David Kelly as Executive Director and Delara Abolhassani as Head of Publishers – North America where she oversees operations and publisher relations, Jonathan Marmor is Avazu’s new BD Director North America.
Ralph Sas, CEO Avazu Europe /North America said:

“After successfully establishing our Westcoast office in LA on June 16th and already moving into a bigger location this week, we immediately felt there is the need to service the Eastcoast locally, we therefore established Toronto operations this month with industry veterans David Kelly and Jonathan Marmor heading up the office.”

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David Kelly is Avazu’s Executive Director of North America, where he will oversee the operations of Los Angeles and Toronto. Prior to joining Avazu he spearheaded sales and business development for WhatRunsWhere as their VP since 2012. He earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Toronto.
Delara brings with her over 7 years of Sales, Operations, Marketing and Management experience (International and Domestic). She currently manages Avazu’s North American publisher team and operations in our Santa Monica office. She previously worked at GlobalWideMedia and DQNA Media and holds a B.A. in Business Economics and Accounting from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Jonathan Marmor is the Director of Business Development at Avazu North America. He oversees its advertiser relations and manages the operations of the Toronto office. Before joining Avazu he worked at Matomy Media Group and WhatRunsWhere. He earned a BA degree in Economics and Communications from Tel Aviv University.
You can find out more about Avazu over on their website.