Automatic launches SDK for its in-car plug-in sensor, opens app store

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Automatic, a startup that produces an in-car plug-in sensor that adds smart car-style functionality through third part apps to just about any vehicle, has announced the launch of an SDK and an updated sensor to enable it. The sensor plugs into the OBD-II port, which is found on almost all modern cars, then shares the data it collects with third party apps installed on a smartphone using Bluetooth.

Developers can make use of the SDK to write apps to be included in the new Automatic App Gallery, which is Automatic’s equivalent of an app store. Available APIs include one for trip logging — such as tracking when the ignition is turned on or off — plus diagnostic information, and streaming data for those interested in motorsport.

The Automatic App Gallery features various smart car-style apps

automatic apps

Currently there are more than 20 available apps inside the gallery, including titles such as Concur, which monitors the exact millage travelled making it handy for loan or company cars, plus Unmooch for accurately splitting the fuel bill between passengers. The newly updated plug-in sensor — available for $100 to the public — is required for real-time streaming of data, and it supports high performance apps like DashCommand and OBD Fusion.

Automatic’s SDK is available for iOS and Android, and comes with an app management tool for taking care of your account, submitting apps, dealing with API keys, and registering apps with Automatic. You can find out more about Automatic’s developer program and SDK by visiting its website here.