Augmented reality startup Magic Leap confirms SDK is coming soon

magic leap logo

Augmented reality software company Magic Leap will release an SDK in the near future, which will let developers start building apps based around its AR platform. Announced by Magic Leap’s Graeme Devine at a recent conference, he subsequently tweeted confirmation of the plans, and stated the SDK will work with Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine.

Magic Leap is part funded by Google, and the company will eventually produce an AR headset designed to be used with its software. However, despite discussing the SDK, it hasn’t revealed the hardware that will go along with it. It’s one of several companies pushing augmented reality and virtual reality products, including Facebook with the Oculus Rift, and Microsoft’s HoloLens. The latter of which closely resembles Magic Leap’s vision.

Magic Leap provides an interactive AR environment using a headset

The video you see above is the main reason many are excited about Magic Leap. It’s an early demo of what will eventually be possible using the software and the hardware combination, including the ability to move virtual objects around in front of you. However, there’s no set release date for the SDK or the headset, and developers are only given the opportunity to register interest through Magic Leap’s own website for now.