Ariel Porchera, CEO Waypedia, Talks Tips for Developers and Effective Costs Per Download

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Posted: December 16, 2015

Ariel Porchera, CEO of Waypedia, was born and raised in Argentina and is an accomplished singer, dancer and entrepreneur. While always strongly involved in online businesses as an entrepreneur, Ariel has worked on a number of creative projects before launching Waypedia 2 years ago. This includes several years working with Disney, Dancing with the Stars, and releasing a music album. For Ariel, “my music and business is the only thing I do, and I love it!”
What is Waypedia and what do you offer?
Waypedia is a USA company that drives installs for android and iOS apps. We help small and big developers to rank their app in the search results and top charts.
What types of clients do you work with?
We work mostly with indie developers. There are not many solutions that make things easier for them and they do not always have $10k minimum investment to start with. Of course we also work with some big names out there, but we love helping small developers.
What countries are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
We are focusing on worldwide traffic and also on TOP countries such as USA, Germany, UK, Canada and Australia. These are always the most requested due to the high CPM and CPC conversions for ads. However, surprisingly, in the last 3 months we’re seeing big growth in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil. These countries are now being requested a lot.
What tips can you give to developers on app marketing and specifically using incentive vs. non incentive traffic?
For non incentive, it is obvious that Facebook and Instagram ads are the hottest deals and it will remain like that for the whole of 2016. Now, with that being said, developers MUST have social awareness for their apps and it is amazing that 90% of the apps out there have no social activity at all. At Waypedia we drive incentivized installs to help developers push their presence in the top results and charts but without a good ASO description, catchy ICON and social presence they are condemned to failure in the long run.
What’s the typical Cost Per Download that a developer should expect to pay at the moment?
It depends on the volume and targeting they request per day. For any indie developer we would suggest to stay away from anybody charging over $0.60 per incentivized install or less than $0.10. If the price is too low, it might not be real traffic and if it is too high… well, we can get you better deals! We have one of the lowest costs starting at $0.10 per worldwide download and it can go to $0.30 per USA download if they need, let’s say, 10k USA installs per day. We would suggest for them to reach us at live chat support for help since prices may vary from time to time.
What do you think are the most important trends in app marketing right now?
Well, something that’s not yet a trend but will definitely be something to talk about in the coming months is that Google is going to stream apps in the search app. They have already started with a few and they will probably push this to every developer next year. This will be huge because apps will now be head to head in the search results with traditional websites. This means that your app content will be key for ranking.
What mobile devices do you use?
I use a S6 edge. I need flexibility in my life and I can’t find that with Apple at this time.
What are your favourite apps?
I don’t really have a favourite one but I will say that my Sonos and Hue light apps are the ones that I use the most. My Audible app to listen audiobooks is my fuel for my gym sessions.
What do you think about the Apple Watch?
I like it, more than the iPhone itself. Unfortunately I use Android so at the moment, I only wear a Huawei watch. I think that smartwatches still need to be faster and better on real time voice recognition in order to be a ‘thing’. If you need to tap on the screen too much to do something, I would just use my phone. That’s why most people still haven’t moved onto the smartwatch train.
You can visit the Waypedia website here.