AppsFlyer’s new OneLink helps app marketers create simple and smart deep links

Mobile advertising measurement platform AppsFlyer has launched OneLink, a service designed to take the pain out of creating simple, convenient, user-friendly deep links inside mobile app ads. It promises OneLink will help app marketers avoid producing many URLs and download links for their ad campaigns, by replacing them with a single smart link which automatically handles all the variables associated with deep linking.
This is how OneLink works
OneLink works by generating a single URL which works across any platform, links to any application store, and provides a consistent experience for the user. Cleverly, OneLink will redirect users to the right app store, but only if the app is not installed already. If it’s already installed on the user’s device, the link leads directly to it.
AppsFlyer’s co-founder and CEO Oren Kaniel had this to say:

“App marketers need to embed a lot of dumb deep links into campaigns because they don’t know if a user is going to open a given link on iOS, Android, or the mobile web, whether or not the user has installed the app previously, and so on. It wastes time and adds unnecessary complexity. OneLink simplifies the process while also capturing attribution information that is crucial to understanding which marketing campaigns work for a given app and which don’t.”

Despite the automation, OneLinks still track all relevant data, will integrate with other deep linking services, and work with any search engine, email marketing system, and social network. AppsFlyer says OneLink will assist marketers gain more customers across the more than 600 traffic sources available using the firm’s platform. Visit AppsFlyer’s company profile to learn more about them.