AppsFlyer provides mobile attribution analytics for Tencent Social Ads platform

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AppsFlyer, the mobile marketing attribution analytics provider, together with Chinese Internet firm, Tencent, announced the availability of AppFlyer’s mobile attribution analytics platform on Tencent Social Ads. Essentially, the addition lets advertisers track how effective their app install campaigns are performing on Tencent’s platform, including WeChat.
AppsFlyer drives mobile analytics for Tencent Social Ads
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Tencent leads some of the most popular social and mobile apps in China. With Social Ads, advertisers can run app install campaigns via Weixin and Wechat to reach around 800m combined monthly active users and 900m users on messaging app QQ.
Canny Lau, Product Manager at Tencent Social Ads, explains:

“In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, app marketers need deep insights about the performance of their install campaigns more than ever. We chose to partner with AppsFlyer because they have proven their leadership in the industry time and time again, from the quality of their clients to the innovation of their platform. The insights our advertisers will get from AppsFlyer are invaluable in helping them maximize the return on their app install ad spend.”

The AppsFlyer integration provides real-time access to Tencent Social Ads campaign data including clicks, activations and such as well as post-install activity including in-app purchases, sessions, ARPU, LTV and others. The feature includes access to measurement tool and analysis features such as cohort analysis, retention report, full funnel reporting and OneLink smart deep linking to improve app install campaign performance.
Elad Masiach, VP Partner Development, AppsFlyer, explains:
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“The app economy is quickly becoming a global economy, and this partnership with Tencent Social Ads, one of the biggest and most important distribution platforms in the world, opens up myriad possibilities for app marketers and developers looking to grow in China, while enabling us to expand our footprint in Asia and globally as well. Campaign measurement from a trusted and objective third-party is absolutely necessary for the growth of any platform, and we are very proud to provide Tencent Social Ads advertisers with the data and analytics they need to invest more heavily in Tencent Social Ads with complete confidence.”