AppsFlyer launches real-time reporting feature for campaigns

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 15, 2015

App marketing platform, AppsFlyer, today launches a new tool to enable app marketers to track install campaign performance in real-time. Called Right Now, the feature is now available on AppsFlyer’s platform dashboard, providing real-time install data to document app growth.
AppsFlyer Right Now dashboard
AppsFlyer Dashboard
Real-time insights are becoming a crucial component of app marketing for developers to stay on top of the competition. Data helps to manage and monitor campaign performance and optimise instantly. Right Now also lets clients track campaigns based on region.
Right Now live tracking and installs
AppsFlyer Right Now gif
Right Now has been developed by AppsFlyer Labs, the company’s initiative to create innovative solutions for app marketers. Labs lets AppsFlyer designers, engineers, account teams and partners identify, discuss, develop and launch new features for enhanced app marketing.
Oren Kaniel, Co-founder and CEO, AppsFlyer, says:
Oren Kaniel AppsFlyer

“App marketers need real-time information at their fingertips in order to make sure they’re running the most effective campaigns possible. Right Now is an invaluable tool that provides a real-time window into an app’s growth so that marketers can quickly and efficiently optimize campaigns on the fly.”