AppsFlyer announces Instagram Ads API integration to track mobile app campaigns

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 4, 2015

AppsFlyer, the mobile marketing attribution platform, is the latest to join Facebook’s Mobile Measurement Partners to integrate Instagram Ads API. The addition lets marketers track their mobile campaigns on the popular imaging app, and optimise them accordingly to enhance value and effectiveness.
Instagram Ads API comes to AppsFlyer
Mobile app install ads on Instagram allow advertisers to reach the app’s 300m+ mobile users, sharing 70m photos and videos per day. Instagram recently also added support for images in landscape and portrait mode in order to expand its ad offering.
AppsFlyer customer, game developer, Product Madness is among the first to use the new feature. Patrick Witham, Sr., Mobile User Acquisition Manager, Product Madness, says:

“As a leading, mobile destination, Instagram focused our social interactions on visually-rich communications rather than text-centric conversations, changing the way we communicate as a community and as marketers. The new AppsFlyer-Instagram integration allows us to measure the impact of these rich interactions, optimizing our Instagram advertising and community engagement in real-time for optimal impact. This is a game changer for mobile app marketers, and Instagram advertisers.”

The integration gives app marketers access to campaign data including impressions, clicks, cost and more, alongside post-install activity such as in-app purchases, sessions, ARPU, LTV, ROI and more. The single dashboard approach makes it a simple and straightforward process. In addition, AppsFlyer provides cohort analysis, retention reports as well as OneLink smart deeplinking to analyse and improve the performance of Instagram app install campaigns.
Oren Kaniel, Co-founder and CEO, AppsFlyer, is confident about the platform’s potential:
Oren Kaniel AppsFlyer

“I’m extremely excited about this integration, as it reminds me of 2012 when we started working with Facebook to release the Facebook Mobile App Install Ads. We’ve seen over 1,000% growth every year since then, and I’m confident that with Instragram that growth will accelerate. We are committed to making sure we stay on the cutting edge of the app marketing industry, and we are very pleased to integrate with the Instagram Ads API to make our attribution analytics available at the early stages of this important program in order to help marketers generate the best results possible.”