Appsfire launches refreshing native ad unit

Mobile advertising company Appsfire has revealed its latest native ad format, which displays advertising messages while users refresh an in-app content feed.
The ‘Brichter-San’ ad unit uses the white space displayed whenever users pull down on a content feed to refresh the screen (“Britcher” is apparently a reference to Loren Britcher who invented the pull down gesture with Tweetie). Appsfire says the ad unit can be customised to match the look and feel of the app and comes with a range of templates. See the video below for Brichter-San in action.
Appsfire’s Brichter-San native ad format

According to Appsfire, disruption to the app experience is kept to a minimum, with the ad allowing the app to refresh with no interruptions or freezes. Advertisers can either promote an app, or a product, or even deep link into another section of the same app.
Here’s what Appsfire CEO Ouriel Ohayon had to say about his new format

“Everything is simple, fast, obvious. no tricks, no incentive,” says Ohayon. “Why it makes sense? Thousands of apps include a pull to refresh gesture. This gesture has become with swipe the native gesture to mobile apps. Most ad solutions are designed for games, but more than half of the store are not games and traditional ad units don’t perform well there.”

Along with Brichter-San, Appsfire has also announced a new dashboard for publishers, featuring a brand new design that includes store metrics, free push services, feedback management, real-time stats and more. Appsfire says 40 publishers are now signed-up and using Appsfire’s SDK. The company claims it’s producing CTRs ranging from 5% to 20%
With Twitter rolling-out its own ad network, and Google recently announcing YouTube app install units, the race for app promotion dollars is getting heated. A real shift is beginning to take place in the market, and Appsfire’s latest format, along with its previously announced native ad products, are part of a welcome trend toward a cleaner and more user-experience-focused mobile ad eco-system.