Apportable has reportedly been acquired by Google

Andy Boxall

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August 19, 2016

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Apportable, an app technology company, has reportedly been acquired by Google, and several members of its multi-developer team hired by the search giant. This is according to VentureBeat, although no official announcement has been made, nor has there been any confirmation of the financial details.

Apportable has reportedly been acquired by Google

apportable team

The report says founders Collin Jackson and Ian Fischer (above), along with 11 of the 65-strong Apportable team, now work at Google. This wasn’t a recent change, if the report is accurate, and it’s said the acquisition took place in May 2015. Jim Terry, a software engineer at Apportable, is now the CEO.

The company makes it easier for developers to port code between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. It’s not clear whether the Apportable team now at Google continues this work in-house. You can learn more about Apportable’s services by visiting its website, where it should be noted there is no longer a live webpage dedicated to contact details, and several other pages don’t return complete results.