Appodeal partners with Kochava Collective to provide better monetisation for mobile apps

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 10, 2016

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Programmatic ad mediation solution, Appodeal, announced a partnership with Kochava Collective, a collection of cross-publisher mobile audiences, to help improve data inventory and yield better results in monetising mobile apps.
Appodeal Programmatic mediation
Kochava Collective brings together top publishers and advertisers to target mobile audiences more effectively. The Collective has been established in collaboration with Appia, AdXcel, Altrooz and Liquid. The Audience API lets advertisers create segments by querying billions of devices within the Collective, which are then matched to the best Collective media sources. The process can be likened to that of a matchmaking service to find the right audience.
Jason Hicks, VP of Marketing and Client Services, Kochava, explains:
jason hicks

“By creating a growing consortium of supply partners and offering advertisers an elegant way to manage and access this aggregate audience, The Collective offers unprecedented targeting precision combined with access to users with a wide range of users, geos, and behavioral histories.”

The partnership means that Appodeal will be providing its traffic to clients at a highly targeted level, expanding the benefits for publishers by offering a single, streamlined and efficient process to buy targeted ads. This increases the value of publishers’ traffic and in return grows revenue.
Pavel Golubev, CEO and Founder, Appodeal, adds:
pavel golubev

“The idea behind the partnership is simple yet truly effective. With the data collective, advertisers understand what they’re buying instead of having to blindly bid. In the end, our publishers’ traffic is made more valuable.”

Appodeal says its mission is to increase revenue for mobile app developers and publishers.