AppNexus rolls out video viewability measurement features for mobile campaigns

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 6, 2016

AppNexus, the real-time advertising technology company, just announced a new tool to enhance video viewability across in-stream and out-stream inventory. The addition is free of charge to its clients and aims to create better video ads. The viewability measurement and reporting solution is currently being tested in beta with a series of clients and will likely be rolled out by the end of the second quarter.
AppNexus rolls out new viewability video features
Eric Hoffert, SVP of Video Technology, AppNexus, explains:
eric hoffert

“AppNexus is setting a high bar by bringing video viewability across our entire platform, which promotes greater transparency and inventory quality for buyers while rewarding publishers with high viewability rates. This latest development comes on the heels of our recent launch of anti-latency technology, and is another key step in building a frictionless video marketplace.”

Viewability has been somewhat of a more complex issue in mobile advertising campaigns. It’s been fairly expensive to integrate and limited to one’s inventory. AppNexus originally rolled out a free MRC-accredited viewability tool for display. The latest addition extends this capability for video ads. The company says, the goal is to promote publishers’ viewable inventory and improve the quality of the inventory for buyers in addition to overall user experience.
The feature supports viewability for first and third-party hosted video content. It’s based on the IAB definition of viewable video impressions that 50% of pixels need to be in view for at least 2 seconds, as well as customer definitions such as the GroupM definition which aligns TV-type experiences and counts video impressions only if 100% pixels are in view for 50% of the video duration with the audio enabled and a user initiating playback.
Jay Budzik, CTO, Twelvefold, adds:
jay budzik

“AppNexus enabled us to quickly and effectively leverage our proprietary data, which is fueled by content, to identify and reach ideal consumers within video environments. Viewability support is a huge step forward for video buyers seeking to meet and exceed critical campaign goals, such as high video viewability and completion rates. AppNexus yielded double the viewability compared to other video solutions we tested.”

AppNexus says that video viewability measurement data will be available across all aggregated analytics reports via its DSP, Console and Publisher Suite in addition to its AppNexus Log Level Data standard feed.