AppNexus partners with Spotify to step up programmatic buying across music app

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 22, 2016

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With 208bn music streams during the first half of 2016 and a 97% growth during 2015 at a revenue of $2.4bn, audio formats could present some new opportunities for advertisers to tap into. And in a world where ad blocking is on the rise, reaching consumers without competition for attention and immunity to ad blockers potentially means a lot.
AppNexus partners with Spotify
Now, AppNexus, the ad technology firm, announced a partnership with Spotify to do just that and roll out programmatic buying across the music streaming app’s global audio inventory. It’s a real step forward for AppNexus and the adoption of its Publisher Suite among content producers.
As part of the deal, clients can now upload audio creative and purchase inventory using AppNexus’ Programmatic DSP, which supports all digital media types including display, mobile, native, audio and in-stream as well as out-stream video.
Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus, explains:
michael rubenstein

“AppNexus is thrilled to be a key partner to Spotify as it extends into programmatic audio. The AppNexus Publisher Suite is built exactly to help companies like Spotify to maximize monetization across all inventory formats – display, native, video, and audio.”

Marketers can now reach mobile consumers whilst their driving, walking or exercising – at times when they cannot be visually engaged. Indeed, Nielsen estimates that 79% of audio consumption takes place whilst people are engaged in other activities.
AppNexus’ audio capabilities are in closed Beta right now. Advertisers can upload VAST audio files on the Console interface using a range of audio files. These formats are then transcoded to be served on the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Clients access supply from Spotify through private deals. Those using the AppNexus Console will have access to the same tools they use for display and video purchasing.
Brian Benedik, Global Head of Sales, Spotify, adds:
brian benedik

“Spotify is taking the lead on enabling programmatic buying for audio by leveraging our powerful data and user insights in real-time. AppNexus’ platform and robust technology allows us to make our inventory and data available in a secure environment and provides direct access to the largest buyers in the world.”