Appnext reports 300% year-on-year growth, predicts app-install ads will only become more popular

Appnext, an app distribution and monetization platform, is predicting a considerable rise in the popularity of app-install ads in the near future, both for developers creating mobile apps, and for media publishers too. The increased interest directly correlates with Appnext’s own growth over the past year.
It operates the only self-serve programmatic app distribution platform which favors a CPI bidding system, so advertisers can bid on specific inventory from publishers based solely on CPI. Since the introduction of the direct-buy campaigns, Appnext has seen a year-on-year growth increase of 300%. Given the strong market feedback, Appnext publishers will soon be able run their entire inventory sales through the Appnext service platform.
Appnext’s partners have benefitted from the ability to coordinate user acquisition programs with publishing partners, and the company reports a 400% growth in the number of partners it is working with.
The founder of Appnext, Elad Natanson, said:

“Our significant growth in the past year signifies that programmatic CPI is here to stay and that developers of all sizes are embracing full control over their user acquisition efforts through our platform and increasing their ROI. Last year we witnessed a spectacular number of mobile businesses built around app discovery joining on the Appnext board on a daily basis. The platform we have built is a transparent marketplace designed to provide all the necessary tools to programmatically reach maximum monetization results, and on the other hand to get the apps discovered, paying for actual app installs, not the impressions or clicks.”

Looking deeper at Appnext’s average CPI returns reveals iOS has a higher rate than Google’s Android throughout the world. In North America, Android’s cost-per-install sits at an average of $1.94, while iOS is considerably more at $2.70. It’s in Australia and New Zealand where the difference between the two is at its highest. Android CPI is $1.41, according to Appnext’s figures, while iOS is more than twice as high at $3.66.
Chart showing Appnext’s average CPI around the world
Appnext currently runs more than 1500 live campaigns around the world, with installations on both Android and iOS devices. It has seen a CPI growth of 40% on Android, and 32% on iOS. It continues to say publishers have seen an improved CTR by using its recommendation and optimization tools. For example, with utility app offers, publishers can see CTR rates up to 8x higher than those from standard ads. It serves seven billion app recommendations on a monthly basis to more than 350 million users around the world, and has integrated more than 15000 app and web publishers into its platform.