Appmobi’s Secure Mobile Platform now works with Intel XDK

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

February 12, 2016

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Appmobi’s working to improve enterprise mobile app security, and has announced the integration of its Secure Mobile Platform with Intel’s XDK cross-platform app development tool. Intel developers will be able to produce more secure Cordova apps in less time, and more cost-effectively than doing so manually.

Marcel E. Smit, Appmobi’s CEO said:

marcel smit

“Security is a global problem and it is the number one focus at Appmobi. We want to solve this global problem by offering the services needed for the escalating security threats in today’s market. This is why we are making the Appmobi Secure Mobile Platform stronger than ever before, and more widely available for any mobile developer through Secure Cloud and the ability to integrate the Intel XDK.”

It has also been announced the complete suite of Appmobi’s services will be provided for free through its Secure Cloud service. This is for up to 500 devices, and Appmobi promises it’s a user-friendly system.

You can learn more about Appmobi’s services by visiting its website here.