AppLift rolls out new platform for unified app advertising

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 17, 2016

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Audience targeting is one of the core challenges app marketers face today. To ease the process, AppLift, the mobile ad tech company, has rolled out a new platform that unifies app advertising across the entire app lifecycle from launch to growth and retention. Called DataLift 360, the platform lets mobile marketers access and target their desired users through seamless and unified connections to all major supply channels. It also provides extended data and audience management functions, AppLift says.
Applift rolls out DataLift 360
DataLift 360 adds programmatic access and control over the mobile supply sources through a proprietary tech platform, including RTB exchanges, social channels, direct publishers and network categories. The platform also supports ad formats such as banner, interstitials, native, video and rich media ads.
Tim Koschella, CEO and Co-founder, AppLift, says:
tim koschella

“As consumers engage with a variety of apps and mobile websites, the path to app profitability becomes exceedingly difficult for marketers to navigate. Advertisers need to understand how to effectively reach their target audiences to gain maximum ROI. DataLift 360 simplifies this process by providing unified access to mobile inventory through an advertising platform tailored to each stage of the app marketing lifecycle.”

In addition, marketers can also tap into rewarded channels and grow their audience using the DataLift 360 audience management tool to target people across any inventory.
For those interested in retaining or re-engaging their users, AppLift has also added first party data to retarget across programmatic exchanges, social and audience networks.
The DataLift 360 technology is based on AppLift’s own bidding algorithms, scalable infrastructure, data processing, LTV optimisation engine and includes a fraud prevention system.
The new platform will be available shortly and is currently in beta mode for selected clients.