Appia launches self-service app monetization solution

Appia, the mobile user acquisition network, has announced the launch of its publisher self-service solution, a one-stop self-service tool for app monetisation. The self-service tool will allow developers to benefit from the network’s global relationships with key advertisers and their high performing ad types and fill rates – this is paired with Appia’s app install network that has driven a significant 70 million installs across 200 countries.  Appia’s self-service platform allows developers to access multiple integration methods such as SDK, mobile web links and ad tags. The publisher self-service offering also allows for efficient integration with App Walls, Interstitials, Banner ads and other formats. Additional benefits include:

  • Higher eCPMs (Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions) and fill rates.
  • Exclusive and competitive CPI (Cost per Install) campaigns from advertisers.
  • Efficient monetisation for both apps and mobile websites across platforms, including iOS and Android.

Jud Bowman, Founder and CEO of Appia had this to say:

“We see signs that the market will continue exploding. Developers are searching for ways to effectively monetise their applications so they can continue to expand their current app offerings or develop new ones. We’re extending Appia’s trusted and leading mobile ad network to self-serve developers with competitive eCPMs, next generation ad formats, and flexible integration opportunities.”

Appia focuses on maximising the lifetime value of mobile app users and delivering significant results to its partners and advertisers. The network is fueled by continued technological advancements and dedication to user quality – the new publisher self-service offering will only help to maintain this energy.
For more information about Appia’s Publisher Self-Service offering, click here.