AppFormix exits stealth mode after $7m funding round, ready for Q3 2015 launch


Cloud infrastructure technology company AppFormix has raised $7m in its Series A funding round, led by August Capital, and has exited its stealth mode to announce a full launch later this year.

AppFormix wants to provide companies with a platform that pushes higher performance and greater visibility for enterprise apps. It runs as an agent on the host platform and offers real-time monitoring and analytics for cloud-based app resource structures. This should help companies run more reliable, cost effective cloud platforms.

AppFormix aims to help companies run cost effective, reliable cloud platforms

Sumeet Singh, CEO at AppFormix, told Enterprise Apps Today in an interview:

“The software sits at the intersection of infrastructure and applications and provides dynamic controls that can be tailored to suit the needs of applications. If you want to make a change that is effective, you need to have real-time visibility into the infrastructure. We’re not married to any form of virtualization. Our technology is universally applicable and can even run on bare metal servers.”

He continued, in the official announcement:

“Siloed tools for different types of infrastructure are yesterday’s technology. The future is about real-time infrastructure visibility and the convergence of all tools and teams across the IT department. Cloud infrastructure is shared infrastructure. By providing application-level visibility of the infrastructure and programmatically controlling how applications use shared resources AppFormix is enabling a more economical, reliable and agile software-defined data center.”

Despite coming out of stealth mode, AppFormix is still a beta platform, with general availability slated for the third quarter this year. The platform is available for Windows and Linux machines, and you can learn more about it by visiting AppFormix’s website.