AppFlood Review – The App Advertising Network

AppFlood one of the fastest growing of the new generation of “app-native’ advertising networks and one that is bridging the Western and Asian marketplaces. The Appflood network allows Android and iOS developers to directly control the monetisation and distribution aspects of their mobile business and provides a platform to buy, sell and exchange mobile traffic.   In this review we’re going to provide a breakdown of the network and its key features and what it offers developers and advertisers.
AppFlood is a product from Papaya Mobile, a mobile developer service that was founded in 2008 by Si Shen and Qian Wenjie.  AppFlood’s own SDK, along with a range of ad formats that can be used for all types of different apps and mobile games, mean publishers have control in the key areas they need it. AppFlood also delivers users to advertisers that pay only for non-incentivised installs, resulting in high retention rates. The CEO of Papaya Mobile, Si Shen, explains the core philosophy behind the product:
Si Shen

“Developers share with us their anxiety over the ever-increasing cost of user acquisition, so we decided to create a solution that compliments any mobile strategy… developers can get their games in the hands of users in a way that’s simple, flexible, and fair.”

Welcome to AppFlood
The North American AppFlood team introduce themselves:

Our review of AppFlood is divided into the following sections:

AppFlood Overview

The Appflood network has attracted more than 4,500 Android developers in total and they have accumulated 147 million users – their growth is expected to further accelerate with the more recent introduction of iOS compatibility.
 AppFlood Platform Key Facts

  • Launched in July 2012
  • Over 200 million monthly impressions
  • Over 1.3 Billion total impressions
  • Over 46 Million Monthly Active Users
  • Over 1000 app developers are using it
  • eCPMS are over $10.00

At the end of last year AppFlood announced their new enhanced SDK with a number of additional features:

  • CPM campaigns can now be run in addition to CPC and CPI
  • Advertisers’ campaigns now have the option of using rich media or video creatives – these are only available in CPM campaigns.
  • Publishers can customise the exact size and position of the ads they show – useful for those who like to display AppFlood ads in their own UI.

AppFlood’s New SDK 2.0
AppFlood also recently launched their Gateway to China program which further extends the scope of their mobile ad platform. Over 450 million Chinese smartphone users are now within reach to developers and advertisers using the network, and new members can expect to receive up to 900,000 Chinese users daily for their mobile app or game – the program offers the opportunity to reach 95 percent of smartphone users in the country. AppFlood states that 70% of Chinese traffic comes from alternative app stores.  The slideshow below offers app developers a guide into the foreign country, with some useful statistics and general hints and tips.
A Game Developers Guide to Getting into China

What does AppFlood offer publishers?

AppFlood caters to both publishers and advertisers through a variety of different features. There are advanced ad formats which help to drive the revenue for publishers with their easy implementation and modern style format, while advertisers have power over their promotional campaigns, with a super lite SDK, that results in a quick set up with a high level of overall control.
Ad Format Examples

Developers' Apps

AppFlood claims that publishers using their network can achieve higher mobile eCPMs than anyone in the mobile industry with their combination of customisable ad formats and transparent eCPM optimisation – publishers also keep 100% of their earnings. These are the key features that enable publishers to meet their goals:

  • Advanced ad formats: A range of modern ad formats are available to publishers to use for monetising their mobile apps – all ad formats are completely customisable.
  • Full transparency: Publishers can discover which networks and apps are giving them the best eCPMs, meaning they can adapt their strategy as they progress.
  • Industry’s Highest eCPMs: AppFlood’s claim to 100% transparency and control means the best level of eCPM optimisation is available for publishers.
  • Quick Setup: Publishers can get going quickly with a simple setup using one lite SDK – from there they can connect to multiple ad networks.

Ad Network Mediation
AppFlood’s ad network mediation allows publishers to do the following:

  • They can redistribute network traffic for increased eCPMs and revenues
  • They can compare their entire network performance form one dashboard
  • Across different ad networks they can compare their eCPMs for the same app
  • They can connect to multiple demand side platforms with a single SDK

AppFlood offers publishers who need some guidance in the area their free app monetisation guides, along with an eBook, with tips and hints on how to best optimise their monetisation efforts.
Three Easy Steps to Monetise Android Apps with Ads
The presentation below offers publishers advice on how they can monetise their Android apps. The three steps are: how to get acquainted with mobile ads, choosing an ad format based on goals and the analytics and optimisation process.

What does Appflood offer Advertisers?

AppFlood only makes its advertisers pay for users who have real interest in an app by offering premium non-incentivised installs – the result of this is higher retention rates and more loyal users. AppFlood claims to have an average clickthrough rate of over 15% for interstitials and over 40% on popular apps. These are the key features that enable advertisers to meet their goals:

  • Control: A full level of campaign control means advertisers have power over their daily budgets and the max bidding price per install.
  • Management: Advertisers can manage multiple campaigns for each app, and they can optimise their strategy through split A/B testing.
  • Targeting: Campaigns can be targeted by country, language, OS version, device type, and the category of the app itself such as casual games or business apps.
  • App Match technology: The App Match technology optimises an advertiser’s ad placements to deliver max conversion rates.
  • Transparency: Advertisers can see which apps are displaying their ads the best, which enables them to optimise their campaigns.
  • Lite SDK: AppFlood boasts having a lite SDK that takes a few hours to install, which means advertisers can get their campaigns set up quickly and efficiently.

AppFlood is also compatible with mobile app tracking systems such as HasOffers and AD-X, so advertisers can use them to track their campaigns on the platform.
AppFlood CPC Campaigns
Appflood recently announced that advertisers could have further control over their campaigns with the option of letting them choose between cost-per-click and cost-per-install models for a campaign – they can now run both CPI and CPC campaigns for the same app.
AppFlood CPC Campaigns

Exchangers and Cross Promotion

There is a third group of developers that AppFlood caters to: exchangers. These are developers who want to trade their traffic for Android and iOS installs – via this user exchange, developers can boost their installs without needing a big budget. Additionally, an exchanger’s ad campaigns in other apps are paid for by the ads they show in their app. Just like publishers and advertisers can, exchangers can take advantage of a range of free and transparent platform controls.
The user exchange is ideal for app developers who:

  • Want to earn and save installs for apps they haven’t released yet
  • Haven’t got a big budget for user acquisition purposes
  • Don’t have the time for setting up and negotiating a series of deals

Android and iOS Cross-Promotion
The video below explains the trading, buying and selling of users between app developers through advertising.

AppFlood Features – Direct Deals, Analytics, Native Ads

Direct Deals
There are a range of features that both publishers and advertisers can benefit from by using the AppFlood platform. The emphasis on transparency is apparent in AppFlood’s ‘Open Direct Deal Network‘ that enables developers to arrange direct advertising relationships with specific, named apps or games rather than on a blind basis:

  • Publishers and advertisers can see every single app they have connected to the AppFlood network f
  • Publishers and advertisers can see what app performs well with other apps, allowing them to analyse and then choose the ones that deliver the best results
  • Publishers and advertisers can set up direct deals through the AppFlood messaging system if they need more exclusivity, traffic or higher bid prices

Multi-Dimension Analytics Platform
AppFlood’s multi-dimension analytics platform allows publishers and advertisers to discover what’s working for them and what isn’t – from there they can improve and optimise their distribution and monetisation strategies for their apps going forward. The analytics service provides publishers and advertisers with advanced data mining capabilities using a multi-dimension data cube model – this essentially allows its users to discover opportunities that they may have missed, which could potentially result in greater ROI and increased ad revenue.
Multi-Dimension Analytics Platform Example
Analytics Platform
Native Ad Formats
AppFlood offers both developers and publishers a range of customisable native ad formats that offer tight ad integration. For publishers the ads’ placements can be optimised for higher eCPMs and increased revenue. Advertisers themselves benefit from higher click-through rates and more engaged users as a result of the advanced and customisable ad formats. The list of ad formats on offer is:

  • Icon Ads
  • More Games Menu
  • Interstitials (Full Screen)
  • App Lists
  • Custom Integration
  • Notification

Native Ad Format Examples
Native ad formats

What do people say about AppFlood?

What do app developers and the press who have experienced the AppFlood platform have to say about it? Here are people’s thoughts so far on the growing mobile ad network:
Corina Soto – DeNA


“Appflood’s dashboard is amazing! All the in-depth data needed for User Acquisition is easily attainable with a quick click of a button.”

Lance Nanek – Canned Bananas
Canned Bananas

“We’re just indie devs who want our stuff to get out and get noticed. Other solutions that required manual deal making, a certain number of impressions, or inefficiently getting money and then paying others to run ads with lots of middlemen taking a cut – they didn’t fit as well or just work like AppFlood did.”

Nadia Sydorenko – Tatem Games
Tatem Games

“We’ve used all the major networks out there and I can honestly say that AppFlood is one of our best advertising channels. We’ve never had to pay for false clicks or impressions and on top of that the retention is higher because it’s non-incentivized.”


“This is a way for small and mid-tier developers to get their games in the hands of consumers without having to spend a lot of money to buy traffic.”

Android Rundown

“It’s designed to try and reduce new user acquisition costs by essentially dropping them to zero by way of making it an even exchange.”

AppFlood Case Studies

AppFlood has already helped developers achieve success through their new platform – below are some of the key success stories they have shared:
X6 Game’s Dragon Kingdom Acquires 37,000 Free Installs
X6 Game

  • The client: X6 Game.
  • The goal: Accelerate user adoption through exchanging installs.
  • The story: Having developed one of the most successful Android strategy games in China, X6 Game was looking for cost-free solutions to boost its userbase ready for the game’s western release.
  • The result: The company built momentum through free installs via the AppFlood exchange network. The game, Dragon Kingdom, was successful in gaining more than 37,000 free installs which resulted in improved app store rankings, and in turn, their daily active users increased by 385% in 12 weeks.

InoXapps eCPM: Averaging $4.50

  • The client: InoXapps.
  • The goal: Maximise revenue without sacrificing user experience.
  • The story: Three friends created their own company and after finding success and gaining millions of users for their app “Spacie Photo Effects”, they went to AppFlood to find a way to monetise it without sacrificing the user experiencing.
  • The result: With around 100,000 daily active users, Spacie Photo Effects earned $600 per day in advertising revenue with their eCPM averaging $4.50.

Boyaa Texas Poker Acquires Users with 10X Higher Retention

  • The client: Boyaa.
  • The goal: Drive loyal user adoption for 40 cents per install.
  • The story: Boyaa, as one of Asia’s top online board and card game publishers, needed a reliable user acquisition channel that would provide them with 10,000s of premium users for its new Texas Poker app.
  • The result: AppFlood managed to provide Boyaa’s app with over 20,000 installs at $0.40 each. After a single week, 12% of AppFlood’s users returned back to the app, while on a popular incentivised ad network only 1.4% were still playing after a week.


In summary, the AppFlood platform offers publishers and advertisers a range of features to enhance their mobile monetisation and distribution strategies. With advanced ad formats, analytics and a transparent interface, AppFlood is proving they are a good option for developers and advertisers alike.  Hopefully this review has provided some useful information about Appflood and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about AppFlood over on their website, on the AppFlood profile in our directory and keep up to date via the AppFlood blog.