App Marketing Lifecycle: How To Use It To Improve Revenues And Engagement

James Cooper

In App Marketing

September 23, 2014

Peggy Anne Salz is the Chief Analyst & Founder of MobileGroove and spoke at the App Promotion Summit London 2014 on the topic of app marketing lifecycle. Looking at how app marketing can be used to increase revenues and engagement, Peggy tackled a highly important issue in the mobile ecosystem with her customary charm, knowledge and wit.

As per usual, Peggy provided some really interesting coverage on a number of important topics related to the app marketing discipline. But if we were to pick out the three main things that you can take away from this video, we’d say that you’ll be learning to:

  • Identify your target audiences and learning the main tactics to reach out to them through app marketing
  • Scale marketing channels that do end up helping your promotional efforts and making sure you deliver that all important return on investment.
  • Build a base of happy and contented users and make sure that they continue to use and engage with your app.

Check the video out below to see what exactly Peggy said about this ever interesting and engaging. And if you want to find out more about this talk and the rest of the talks at the summit, head over to our App Promotion Summit London 2014 Bundle to download the rest of the talks from the event totally for free.

Who says you don’t get something for nothing nowadays?

The App Marketing Lifecycle Video:

The App Marketing Lifecycle Audio: