Pixel Press is a unique iOS and Apple app that allows users of all ages and experiences to draw and create their own mobile games.  The technology behind Pixel Press includes capture, interpret (glyphs and semantics), edit/design, gameplay and arcade/sharing and ensures created games are social and functional.

A game generator different to most others, Pixel Press focuses directly on specific game genres and provides simple tools for the creation and sharing of games in those environments. With a number of releases planned for 2015, Pixel Press Floors is the current build environment that enables creators to build run-and-jump platformer games.

  • Draw your own socially shareable mobile games
  • Compatible with iPad
  • Create games according to specific genres including run-and-jump platformers

Pixel Press Info

Types:Game Development, Game Engine

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    @apptasticteach erase it in the sketch view.

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    @digital_teachab still having issues? Appears ok on our end.

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    RT @Kotaku: Bloxels lets kids make their own video games using colorful plastic cubes. https://t.co/porFMh7hHh https://t.co/WtFo9PRdWN

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    Great to see fellow #colab alum @NBAMathHoops in @#FastCompany - Learning Math through Basketball https://t.co/v6c7gHMibV

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