AppBooster Case Study: Top 10 in the App Store in 24 Hours Using Incentivised Ads

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Partner Post - GOWIDE - Mobile Affiliate Network

Posted: April 8, 2015

This March our team at GOWIDE, Inc. launched a self-serve platform for rewarded installs called AppBooster. In this new platform, we aggregate all major sources of incentivized traffic suppliers in a single dashboard, giving our customer the opportunity to start working with our scalable inventory from only one account. With solid experience in launching different marketing campaigns, we are keen to share successful stories with one of the AppBooster users right after the platform’s launch.
Last week we received a request from an app developer to increase the positioning of his new, free puzzle game on the UK App Store Puzzle Games TOP Chart within 24 hours and we had with modest budget of $1500 – we took on the challenge.
Because we had such a limited budget and a clear goal to reach, we started with the lowest bid possible. Thanks to the real-time bidding algorithms, we were able to raise the bid continuously to increase the amount of app installs to reach the client’s goal. It turned out that 5,106 installs were enough to reach TOP 10 in the UK Trivia Games category and 32nd position in UK Puzzle Games category, without exceeding the required budget. The ad campaign was paused after the target goal was achieved. This high ranking on the UK App Store allowed the app to get free organic installs the following 3 consecutive days.
In the screenshot below, taken from the App Annie app analytics company dashboard, you can see the actual data for the app’s ranking before, during and after the campaign was finished.
Ranking history over time – Uk Apple App Store (iPhone)
For more, check out the GOWIDE website here.