AnyPresence releases free JustAPIs Developer Edition, for projects using up to five API endpoints

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

September 22, 2015

AnyPresence Logo

Business app platform AnyPresence has released a new version of its JustAPIs toolkit. It’s called the Developer Edition, and it’s an entirely free platform to help developers build RESTful APIs for mobile, the Internet of Things, and use on the Web. Its release follows the introduction of JustAPIs back in May, but as a product with a price attached.

AnyPresence has launched a free to use Developer Edition of its JustAPIs platform

JustAPIs Screen

This new free system isn’t restriction free, and is made for individual use rather than by a huge corporation, hence a five API endpoint limit. AnyPresence wants to push JustAPIs Developer Edition to those who want to build APIs quickly, that can be used on just about any OS, including those designed for powering devices connected to the Internet of Things.

Richard Mendis, co-founder of AnyPresence, said:


“We often run across IT or citizen developers working behind the corporate firewall, who need to quickly build APIs for innovation projects, or to modernize legacy web services and databases. JustAPIs meets this demand for microservices development with an elegant solution that is easy to use, but also offers a powerful and flexible workflow engine for advanced use cases. We are excited to make the solution available to an even wider audience with a free for life edition.”

JustAPIs is suitable for those wanting to create APIs without coding knowledge, either standalone or mapped with a legacy/source system, plus it’ll integrate with other APIs and with mobile app SDKs. You can sign-up and download the JustAPIs Developer Edition here, and read through the Quick Start release notes here.