Android 5.1 still suffering from memory leak issues, fix in the works

Christopher Reynolds

In news

March 17, 2015

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Google’s latest Android release, 5.1 Lollipop, is still reportedly suffering from memory leak issues.

If you haven’t been keeping up, many users reported memory leak issues with Android 5.0, saying the OS was forcibly closing apps to free up resources. You can check out the complaints on the Android issue tracker.

Android 5.1, which was officially released last week, attempted to fix this issue, but some developers are still complaining of memory leaks.

One user on the Android issues tracker said:

“For me is easy to recreate the problem, simply start a game like Farm Heroes Saga, then close it by swiping away. For each time I do this the system memory increases 100mb or more until there is no more space and then cell phone stops responding.”

However, a Google employee eventually chimed into the thread saying that the Android team has developed a fix for the problem internally, although they “do not currently have a timeline for public release.”

Android 5.1 was a pretty minor release. The SDK features multiple SIM card support, new carrier services APIs, and a new Device Protection feature. The update has been rolling out to Nexus devices during the last week.