Amobee shuts off SSP and cuts down workforce

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 28, 2016

Mobile advertising firm Amobee will be closing off access to its SSP, according an email received by AdExchanger. In it, the company announced that as of 31. October clients will no longer be able to access the Amobee Publisher platform. In addition, the company is laying off 5% of its workforce.
Amobee Brand Intelligence solution
However, Amobee did suggest that it would keep the video end of its SSP. The mobile ad firm is making the move “to better serve the ongoing business needs.”
There’s some speculation that Amobee may be downsizing in order to cut financial losses. A stronger focus on mobile video however isn’t a bad idea as video takes off beyond a whole host of other formats. In addition, it may simply want to focus in on advertising clients.
An industry source did tell AdExchanger that 80% of Amobee’s traffic came from AccuWeather, which had been decreasing its ad spend across the platform month by month. If that’s the case then closing down its publishing operations wouldn’t be too much of a hurdle.
Amobee told the news site it “adjusted [its] workforce in areas of the business that do not serve that need, including the Amobee publisher solutions business.”