Amazon to launch personalised video adverts

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 18, 2016

Retailer Amazon has hinted that it is exploring personalised video adverts which target consumers that have previously shown an interest in a specific product.
Amazon to launch personalised video ads
The move is in line with the company’s plans to expand existing ad formats such as static display ads. It also mentioned that it was to implement some changes in ad pricing, features and roll out ‘buy’ buttons as part of video campaigns. The company is focusing on video ads to increase consumer engagement on its app.
It’s not the only company that has recently turned towards mobile video in an attempt to reach new customers and re-engage existing ones. Indeed, mobile video is one of the top growth areas within digital advertising this year, according to multiple reports.
Amazon video ads will be based on graphic templates that can include images and campaign text. The company offers a range of targeting features to ensure the right audience is reached.
Whilst it’s too early to tell what the exact format will look like, Amazon did confirm that the first public tests had been carried out.
Graeme Smith, Managing Director, Amazon, speaking at an event in Edinburgh recently, confirmed that he wasn’t able to announced further details, but that “potentially anywhere you can see a video is potentially somewhere you could consider running personalized video ads, right across the internet.”
He adds:
graeme smith

“It’s still very early days for this technology, but it’s something we are really excited about with a lot of applications.”