Alice Linton from ClickDealer on Mobile Affiliate Marketing

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Partner Post - ClickDealer

Posted: July 2, 2014

ClickDealer is a global performance-based company that specialises in Cost-Per-Action campaigns for optimizing revenue generation. The network helps advertisers to reach a global audience, while affiliates and publishers benefit from leading offers and exclusive rewards. ClickDealer’s Sales Manager, Alice Linton, spoke with us on the type of offers the company features, along with what it takes to be successful on mobile and the main trends in the mobile marketing space this year.
Sales Manager Alice Linton

How long has ClickDealer been working in mobile and how big a part of your business is it?  
ClickDealer’s been working in mobile since its inception in 2012. Mobile was evolving extremely fast when we started and we made it our priority to make it one of our top niches from the start. Mobile technologies are having an incredible impact on affiliate marketing enabling both advertisers and affiliates to reach unprecedented growth in an incredibly short time. Therefore we’ve been paying particular attention to our offer selection within this vertical, trying to be the first to get new mobile advertisers and fighting for exclusives. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that practically half of the 2000+ offers we have in stock are mobile.
What sort of mobile and app based offers do you provide to affiliates and publishers?  
We provide all possible kinds of mobile offers. We are always on top of the mobile trends on the market, communicate affiliates’ needs to advertisers and therefore have a diverse offers mix. ClickDealer has got pin submits, iOS/Android apps, mobile websites of different verticals, apk downloads, pay per call and whatnot. We work hard to get and keep various exclusive offers because it’s always a good bargain and their conversion rates are the highest.
What do you look for in your affiliate partners and what does it take to be successful on mobile in particular?
First and foremost we work with affiliates whom we trust. To be accepted to ClickDealer, one requires honesty, attention to detail and a will to work hard and strive for best results. We take up the rest. Our team of high-qualified AMs has already proved many times that they can turn a beginner into a top affiliate. It goes without saying that the big pubs receive generous rewards and proper motivation, if you know what I mean. As for being successful particularly in mobile we’d say it is almost the same as being successful in any other niche. Find an offer that clings with your traffic source, be creative with angles, always split test, cut the fat off your campaigns and scale. TIP! Listen to your AM and follow his lead.
What sort of mobile offers are working well right now?  
Our top performers are Android antivirus offers, either Google Play or apk version, pin submits offering wallpapers or smileys for popular messengers, sweepstakes and all sorts of utility app installs. The mobile offers market is never empty and mobile offers give plenty of room for creativity as well as they are highly scalable. Just let your AM know what your sources are and he will show you the way.
What should mobile affiliates and publishers look for in a good mobile offer?  
As we can see, utility apps that appeal to the widest audience possible are the ones on top today. It all boils down to scalability. There’s plenty of tools to monitor mobile trends in any given country, so finding what’s hot and what’s not is not a problem these days. You can always ask your AM for the freshest offers out there.
Are you mainly working on a CPI-basis or are you also doing other types of mobile business models such as CPL or CPA or rev share?  
We work on a flat rate basis, whether it is CPI, CPL, or CPA. For apps, its mostly CPI but we also have plenty of mobile dating offers, and by plenty I mean hundreds. For quite a while ClickDealer has been known for dating offers in the first place actually. Those normally pay for registration/subscription. So it basically all depends on the vertical.
If an advertiser or app developer wants to work with ClickDealer do they need a specific minimum budget and what do you offer them?  
We normally cooperate with advertisers and developers who are ready to invest at least 5K in their business. But each email and phone call is considered as you never know which app will become popular. We all remember Flappy Bird, right? We guarantee 24/7 support and intelligent marketing solutions in return. We do precise targeting to bring advertisers the most relevant users, a large share of which become paying customers – this in return enables an increase in marketing budgets.
What are the main trends you see in the mobile marketing space for 2014?
We now see that focus has been shifting from US to Latin America and APAC. We expect this trend to continue. A lot of advertisers now realize they have been concentrating on smartphone traffic only, but due to this geographical shift they are now trying to fill the gap for feature phones too. We also expect Chinese offers to arrive pretty soon. There’s plenty of Chinese DSP’s desperate for buyers but no offers to deliver traffic to. At several shows, we met a number of publicly traded companies based in China looking to rapidly expand their presence internationally. We hope their regulations change soon and enable this kind of expansion.
What mobile devices do you use?  
Both iOS and Android. I am not a proponent of any – it’s a necessity. To understand what users need today you have to put yourself in their place.
What’s your favorite app or game?
I must confess I am a Flappy Bird addict. Word Lens app comes in handy, it’s just good to have it as you never know when you might need it.
ClickDealer is known for running events and meetups for their affiliates.  When’s the next one and how can people sign up to attend?
We definitely enjoy organizing recreational events for our partners. It’s not only about business after all. We just recently came back from our Barcelona Meetup. Based on the feedback we got, everyone had a great time and did things they definitely don’t do every day. We now let our affiliates vote for the next meetup destination. We also threw a party with Charles Ngo in Vegas and sponsored his workshops in Singapore and Malaysia which were a great success as well. Hopefully some of MobyAffiliates’ readers attended those events. Our next move is holding a network-wide contest with unbelievable prizes. I’ll just say it’s going to be better than money. The contest will launch July 1st so keep close attention!
Final thoughts
Alice highlights that to be successful on the mobile marketing platform it’s all about scaling relevant offers to your traffic sources – in other words, the need to monitor and adapt your strategy as things change. With a wide range of services on offer and expertise in affiliate marketing, ClickDealer is proving themselves to be a good choice in the app marketing world. We would like to thank Alice for answering our questions.
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