Airtable launches mobile-friendly embedded databases and new APIs

airtable logo

Airtable, a startup which aims to make data stored in spreadsheets and databases easier to view on smartphones and tablets, has launched two new features. The first is the Airtable API, and the second is a set of embeddable templates for sharing data-heavy content in a more friendly and accessible way.

The APIs are automatically generated for each Airtable Base a user produces, are unique to that content, and ready to integrate it into other apps or services. Airtable says the APIs are of the same high quality one would expect from a “top notch software developer,” but without the need to go out and hire one. As an example of how the APIs can be used, Airtable talks about a charitable organization using one to take data from a website and feed it into an Airtable Base.

This is how databases appear on mobile using Airtable’s embedded view

airtable embed db


Airtable’s embedded views work in a similar way to embedding video content, but with data taken from an Airtable Base. The clever part is how it presents the information, which is far easier to read than a list or standard spreadsheet, and adapts itself for viewing on a mobile device. The view is live, so changes made to the Airtable are reflected in the embedded content. The user has complete control over what’s shown, and can hide data from the public view.

Airtable has a free option for developers, with more extensive plans available from $12 per month. You can try out the API service by signing up with Airtable here.