Airpush guarantees $5 CPM to U.S. developers using its Abstract Banners platform

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising Blog. January 29, 2015

Mobile advertising company Airpush is guaranteeing developers using its Abstract Banner ad platform in the U.S. a CPM of $5 between January and March 2015. It’s not giving quite the same assurance to international developers, but it’s still guaranteeing a $2 CPM.
The promotion actually started on January 18, and will continue to March 18, and according to reports it has proven popular already. However, despite a $5 CPM being very attractive, there are a few rules which apply.
Airpush’s Abstract Banners – transparent, animated banner ads that the company introduced last year – must be activated. According to Airpush, its Abstract Banners already provide a higher CPM than standard banner ads. The company says an app where a standard banner returns a $0.17 CPM could be converted into $1.62 using Abstract Banners.
Airpush shows the projected increases in CPM using its Abstract Banners.
airpush cpm
In addition to the banner activation, publishers have to reach a minimum of 50,000 installs to qualify for the offer. Additionally, the CPM will be capped when two million impressions are reached, when the payouts revert back to normal rates.
Developers interested in applying to join the program should visit Airpush’s website. To learn more about the company, visit Airpush’s profile here.