Airmarket rolls out new beacon-based mobile advertising platform

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 19, 2016

Mobile start-up Airmarket has just unveiled a new mobile advertising platform that connects hyper-location data with programmatic tech. The company believes that this can change the way brands communicate with customers on mobile devices.
Airmarket launches mobile ad platform
The platform essentially sends smartphone owners notifications based on their location and the time of day. This optimises campaign reach and can result in higher ROI. After all, enticing consumers to buy a product when they’re most receptive towards making such a purchase is fast becoming the golden ticket in mobile advertising.
The Airmarket solution is based on beacon technology. Beacons act a bit like sensors which can communicate to mobile devices through bluetooth. Marketers gain access to a network of beacons that then deliver personalised, location-targeted ads to consumers. The solution is a combination of isolated beacon networks with asset owners partnering up to register their deployable beacon networks to the Airmarket platform. They can then monetise their beacon infrastructure programmatically.
Advertisers can also purchase notifications that are triggered by beacons. When a smartphone user is not currently browsing the web or an app, they receive a notification on their device’s screen.
Jamie Conyngham, Co-Founder and CEO, Airmarket, says:
jamie conyngham

“At the moment, it’s difficult for advertisers to buy location-based notifications on people’s phones. They need to find someone with beacons, time it with their campaign and then have a widely downloaded app. Airmarket has made this process simple. Now all advertisers have to do is get their agency to buy notifications in the same way as they buy banners.”

Airmarket was founded in 2015. It has spent 18 month developing and testing its platform, connecting 600 DSPs and trade desks to service over 17,000 advertisers. By Q4 2016, the company expects to have opened up access to customers in over 2,000 locations in Australia and the UK.
In line with the launch, the firm announced plans to float on a ASX through a merger with Cabral Resources seeking to raise $3m through an equity capital raise.