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This section is dedicated to the affiliate networks that support CPL (stands for Cost Per Lead) commission type. In affiliate marketing leads are the next most valuable goal for advertisers to acquire to be able to convert them into paying clients afterwords. Essentially lead capturing comes down to collecting information about mobile or desktop users who are playing / willing / considering to acquire a product or service and as first step they provide some personal details first.

List of CPL affiliate offers and programs

Updated: May 22, 2019


Mobile Affiliate Network

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Wewe Media Network

Mobile Content CPA | Smartlink | Traffic Monetization Network

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CPL Guide

CPL (Cost-Per-Lead) is a model in which the advertiser pays a fixed price for each lead that is generated. Examples of this could be a user signing up to a mailing list or some other form of subscription.

CPL Rates

Here are some CPL offers along with their platform and country below.

Platform/Network Country Offers
Arbitrage Leads US/Canada $120.00 per lead
DNOBPO US $15 per lead
NAGA Partners US $5 per lead
Vortex US $4.40 per lead (gaming)
Vortex US $3.50 per lead (dating)
Toro Advertising Norway $480 per lead

Source: OfferVault

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