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If you are an app developer then cutting through the noise is becoming increasingly difficult, with 100,000s of apps out there and increasingly well organized competition from some big emerging players with multiple apps in the store.  There are a range of different ways you can promote your application including PR, getting on review sites, appstore SEO, viral, link exchanges, buying space on mobile ad networks and so on.
An emerging way of app promotion is on a pay per download or affiliate basis.  App developers only pay for each download – so you don’t waste money on clicks which don’t convert into users.  Developers can target by geography, handset and so on.  There are a range of different options for going down this route and here’s a few of them.  Let us know in the comments if you know any more.

Getjar – getjar is the biggest “open appstore” in the world with massive traffic.  As well as listing your app for free, developers can pay for additional downloads on a CPA starting at $0.01 per download.  Getjar have so much traffic that they can deliver MILLIONS of downloads on this basis to all types of handsets.

Mobango – Mobango operate a similar open appstore to Getjar although on a smaller scale.  However, Mobango do have very strong traffic and can also guarantee millions of downloads on a pay per download basis.  Mobango support all kinds of platforms from J2ME to Symbian to Android.

Sponsormob – our friends over at sponsormob operate a mobile affiliate network based out of Germany.  They recently developed an affiliate based tracking system for the iphone.  Developers can now use the sponsormob affiliate network to promote mobile apps on a CPA basis.

Apprupt – hosts a range of “appstores” on various partner sites including big media brands mobile portals in addition to a network of developer apps.  These appstores and apps are used to pump out downloads on an affiliate basis.  Apprupt allow developers to use credits they get from delivering downloads for others to spend on themselves.  A great performance based network for apps and well worth checking out.

Burstly – a new mobile ad optimizer and analytics tools which is also promoting a CPA based app download / link exchange service focused on the iphone.  Not many details as yet but this looks like one to watch.
Let us know if you are using other ways of promoting apps on an affiliate or CPA basis and we’ll add them into this post.

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