5 Reasons To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business In 2017

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Posted: November 25, 2016

There are thousands of creative people out there who love the affiliate marketing business, live comfortably, work their own hours, and work from their own homes. Below you can find 5 reasons to be an Affiliate Marketeer in 2017.

It’s a Cheap Business For You To Start Doing Your Thing
There are virtually no start-up costs. You don’t have any goods to store or produce and you don’t even have to develop services. All you’ve gotta do is set up a website, and sign up for an affiliate program.
Affiliate programs are free. At the beginning, you’re gonna have to pay for website hosting and your site domain. This amounts to something like 10-15 bucks a month.
Your other main cost is your site content, which should be of the highest possible quality. Now, this is something you would usually do yourself (when you’re starting, at least).
You Gain Professional Independence
Why is affiliate marketing the best thing for you?
You are your own boss! You decide your own hours. You can work from home, cafés, beaches… Well, wherever you’d like, as long as you have internet connection.
There’s also no salary ceiling. In fact, you can earn as much as you want if you happen to be good enough and put an honest effort into it. One poll shows affiliate marketers earn anything from thousands to millions of dollars yearly. Yup. You’ve read it. Millions.
After a while in the business, you’ll even start generating passive income. Nothing is as awesome as being someplace having fun while you know that – at that very moment – there’s money trickling down like a consistent waterfall turned into rainy capital!
It’s Easy To Develop Into Something Truly Awesome
Why is affiliate marketing a favorable form of marketing?
Because it’s a very scalable business. If it turns out that you’re doing great and you seem to have too much work to handle, you can easily hire additional people. Your overhead still stays low, as you don’t have to rent an office and you don’t need customer support.
Again, from here you can build your own white label and hire your own affiliates to market your label. From there, you can even become a seller, by introducing your own selling and shipping.
It’s Perfect For People Who Love Eternal Competition
The performance measuring and analytics have a bit of a game-like quality to them. It can be fun to see how your site behaves with different ads, content type, style, and tone.
You basically compete against other people, trying to get the best performance for a product or niche you’re in. The difference? Instead of meager experience points, you get some real money!
You perform tests, and measure the performance with each change. While it might sound boring, it can be quite addictive. Trust me: if you were ever into any of the Sims or Tycoon games, this job’s a freakin God-given for you!
You’re Not Selling Anything You Don’t Want To
Your integrity and honesty can remain intact. Nobody’s forcing you to work with people you don’t like, or to push products you don’t believe in. That’s the beauty of it! You can completely create and shape your career on your own!
I encourage you to work only with brands you respect, promoting products you personally value. Not only is this an ethical thing to do, but it makes it much more efficient.
Why is that?
Because it’s easy to sell something you like, as you don’t have to lie or create what isn’t there!
Besides, if you’re getting money for talking about something you’re interested in, can it even be defined as work?
All of these reasons might have you feeling like you’re yearning to give affiliate marketing a try, and they very well should. However, it’s important to note: no money comes for free in this super-competitive master game.
You’ll still have to devote time and effort to learn and set up your business, before you can reap the real benefits of your work.
If working nine to five doesn’t cut it for you and you want to be your own boss, and you dream of being in full control of your own future, affiliate marketing might be the thing for you!
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