AdTheorent shows that user engagement across Entertainment campaigns is 37% higher than the industry average

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 24, 2016

Tech firm AdTheorent, Inc., which provides predictive solutions for digital ads, has analysed user engagement across almost 75m impressions to gain an insight into the characteristics of the most engaged audiences as well as factors that influence digital ad engagement. AdTheorent-powered entertainment campaigns drove the industry average by 187%.
AdTheorent entertainment campaigns drove audience engagement by 187%
AdTheorent says that its rich media campaigns drove 37% higher engagement on entertainment verticals compared to the industry average. In addition, rich media outperformed mobile display by 12%. Video accounted for 94% of all actions within rich media and performed well for completion rates on both desktop (81.8%) and mobile (85.41%).
Time of day also had an impact on engagement rates, showing they were higher during afternoon and evenings. Wednesdays showed the strongest above average for campaign performance.
Daily engagement rates
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AdTheorent’s machine learning tech platform also noted key attributes among most engaged consumer segments:

  • Segment 1 (delivering 233% higher engagement)
    • Couples with kids, 36-45, bilingual, homeowners, extremely tech savvy
  • Segment 2 (delivering 198% higher engagement)
    • Single parents, 36-45, living in metro area, athletes and fashion conscious
  • Segment 3 (delivering 193% higher engagement)
    • African American, 19-24, apartment dwellers, avid shoppers

Users who engaged most with entertainment ads generally shared an interest in gourmet food and drink, online shoppers, voters, sports and their past purchases included cosmetics, cable internet service, auto purchase and energy/sports drinks.
Jason Han, Senior Director of Data and Analytics, AdTheorent explains:
jason han

“It’s not surprising that we are seeing significant success with rich media and video for the Entertainment vertical, but it is interesting to note that among the millions of analyzed data points, day of week played a consistent role with engagement rates across the category. We are excited about the digital advertising insights for the Entertainment category that we gleaned this quarter and are pleased to share with marketers to inform future initiatives.”

In terms of engagement by device and network, cellular networks delivered 3% higher engagement rates than WiFi. Mobile sites outperformed mobile apps by 16%. Lifestyle entertainment apps showed 572% higher engagement than fitness apps, whilst family and education apps delivered 363% better engagement than weather apps. Generally, Android and iOS ranked fairly similar.