AdTheorent releases report on mobile advertising performance

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Technology company AdTheorent, which offers its clients data-driven predictive ad solutions, has released its findings on advertising performance across its network in Q1 2015. Having analysed over 193m electronics campaign impressions, the study found that rich media content delivered 200% more engagement. Actions such as watching a video, visiting a website about a product and receiving buy now calls to action performed strongly. In addition, the company’s electronics category outperformed the industry’s Electronics category by 246%.
AdTheorent finds rich media engagement is highest
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Within apps, iOS performed better than Android by 38% more engagement and overall mobile apps generated more interaction with users than mobile web, by 73%. In terms of app category, family apps drove 1242% higher engagement rates than utilities (393%) or health and fitness apps (183%). WiFi was the preferred method of going online, outperforming cellular networks by 167% and tablets performed better than smartphones by 68%.
Apps performed strongly in the research
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Jason Han, Director of Data and Analytics, AdTheorent, says:

“As more and more advertisers leverage the unique capabilities that mobile has to offer and move away from static banners and click-through rate as the KPI of choice, it’s great to see such high engagement and secondary engagement rates across rich media for AdTheorent’s Q1 electronics campaigns. These results illustrate not only the importance of compelling creative and calls to action, but proper targeting.”

Interestingly, the research also compared how weather drove ad engagement and found that cold temperatures and wet conditions drove up interaction significantly.
Cold and wet conditions fueled ad engagement
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In addition to the above, the research also found that women generally delivered a 8% greater engagement than men with the top performing US states being Louisiana, New Jersey, Rhose Island, Ohio and Hawaii. The top performing devices were the Kindle Fire HD7, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Nokia Lumia 1520 and the LG G Pad.
Top performing devices and engaged states
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AdTheorent believes that these findings will help marketers develop improved targeting strategies and deliver more engaging mobile advertisements.