adsquare partners with The Trade Desk to bring access to mobile audience data

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 16, 2016

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In an effort to give a vast range of advertisers and media agencies access to its audience data, mobile data exchange, adsquare, has partnered with The Trade Desk, a Demand Side Platform (DSP) in global advertising. As part of the deal, adsquare will integrate its pre-bid features into The Trade Desk’s bid stream for real-time customer targeting within mobile moments.
Adsquare partners with The Trade Desk for easy access to audience data
The Trade Desk provides a self-service platform that lets ad buyers manage data-driven digital ad campaigns across various ad formats. The company recently came out first in Forrester’s Wave assessment for video ad DSPs and received the highest customer satisfaction rating. Its DSP includes segmenting, tracking and measuring of campaigns.
The integration means that advertisers can utilise adsquare’s audience data cross-channel, including mobile video which is now growing five times faster than desktop as a medium.
Tom Laband, CEO, adsquare, adds:
tom laband

“The demand for audience data is driving branding budgets in mobile programmatic as data becomes the new currency. Partnering with global leaders such as The Trade Desk gives their clients access to local audience data on a huge scale.”

adsquare says it provides a self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP) for better control and transparency in choosing the data provider and modeling customised segments. Advertisers can also tap into their favourite media buying platform.
The approach aims to provide a stronger data portfolio for mobile audience targeting.
Jeff Green, CEO, The Trade Desk, says:
jeff green

“The Trade Desk aligns with companies that are unlocking huge potential for advertisers. Mobile audience data plays a crucial role in success and adsquare is a key player in today’s data-driven ecosystem.”

adsquare also just released its Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data to help marketers gain a basic oversight of the types of data that are available for specific campaign goals and to leverage campaign planning.