AdSpruce launches guaranteed viewability and engagement mobile video advertising solution

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 8, 2016

Ad viewability and engagement rates are hot topics among mobile video advertisers as ad spending is set to reach $4.08bn this year in the US alone. Now, programmatic mobile video ad provider, AdSpruce, has presented a solution that it says provides guaranteed viewability and engagement for video spots whilst featuring non-intrusive options for consumers to skip or close ads.
Full-Page Takeover does just that – provide high visibility of a campaign, using the entire mobile phone screen to convey brand messages. In addition, marketers can add interactive elements whilst ensuring ads remain lightweight and engaging.
Full-Page Takeover adds full-screen viewability and engagement


Consumers are able to view high quality videos and can choose to interact with the ad or close it. User choice is among the key factors in providing consumer-friendly advertising. This is particularly true for smartphones to which users have a more personal relationship than desktops.
Ian Mullins, CEO, AdSpruce, says:
ian mullins

“Our new Full-Page Takeover ad spot caters for everyone: the advertiser, the publisher and, of course, the user. Advertisers can tap into a whole range of options to give their ad massive impact whilst publishers have the chance to monetise any user interaction with their site. Our rich media ad technology has the potential to revolutionise the mobile web ad space by providing new inventory and creatives that combine video with extra branding and performance options.”

In addition to Full-Page Takeover, AdSpruce also provides a cloud-based video ad server infrastructure to optimise the video delivery for any device and supports a range of 3rd-party tracking, including VAST and ad formats such as pre-roll, video banners, outstream, in-page and HTML5 interactive ads.