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Mobile DSP (stands for Demand-Side Platform) is an online digital platform, a software, that helps advertisers to find specific mobile publishers inventory. The efficiency of a mobile DSP is defined by automation of an ad-inventory matching process, it also allows both parts of a mobile advertising equation lower costs. Among other things that a mobile DSP take cares of automatically is making sure a proper ad creative is shown for a particular smartphone screen size and tracking ad performance. Typically mobile DSP are a part of a standard desktop demand side platform that is responsible for mobile inventory. We’ve gathered and listed most important Mobile DSP here.

List of mobile demand side platforms (DSPs) and bidders

Updated: April 17, 2019


Strength in Numbers


The Mobile advertising network for Europe

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...Performance Advertising With an international Network of more than 150 000 direct publishers and a Mobile DSP connected to more than 90 SSP, we are able to cover more than 20 countries.

Oath DSP

Combines unique data with a new ML optimization platform to deliver on complex branding and performance goals


Powering mobile advertising


Rethinking mobile advertising


Mobile advertising and symbian ads

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