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Mobile Ad Networks connect mobile publishers with marketers who need to display their ads on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. For marketers these ad networks bring up capabilities to reach out different audiences characterized by their location, demographics, OS, mobile carrier and more. For mobile publishers mobile ad networks serve as an effective tool to monetize their inventory and reach high fill rates (a ratio between the capacity to display ads and actual number of ads displayed). Here we’ve done our best to put together for you the best Mobile Ad Networks to consider.

List of mobile advertising networks

Updated: March 21, 2019


Monetize your apps intelligently

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AdMob is one of the world's largest CPC mobile ad networks, founded in 2006 in Mountain View, US.


Earn on your Android app’s pirated installs

Buzz City

Mobile internet advertising

Buzz City is a mobile ad network and publishing platform based in Singapore.


Ad network for affiliate and performance marketers


Supply-side platform, offerwall and mobile video ads

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Google Ads

Get your ad on Google today.

Apple Search Ads

An efficient and easy way to help people discover your app

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Admost Mediation

Maximize your mobile ad revenue!


Simply smart mobile advertising

GOWIDE Ad Network

Mobile Advertising and App Monetization Services

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GOWIDE is a leading mobile ad network that helps advertisers and publishers achieve their digital marketing goals through....


35 Million Installs Don't Lie - CPAlead delivers VALUE for App Owners & Mobile Affiliates

Twitter Ads

Solutions to help you achieve your business goals

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Leading network for online mobile performance.


Mobile advertising made easy


Solutions for smarter mobile ads & monetization

SponsorPay is a mobile ad network that focuses on generating user engagement via incentives.


Redefining user value


Africa's premium ad network

Twinpine is a mobile ad network based in Nigeria, covering all of West Africa as well as other African markets including....


Your platform for intelligent mobile advertising.

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Universal interface to your mobile audience

AdAction Interactive

The Leader in Mobile App Advertising

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Performance to the limit

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Mobile RTB, ad network & Android monetization

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...others The self-serve advertising platform enables advertisers to purchase inventory from the Airpush mobile ad network and other mobile RTB exchanges using a single interface.

Millennial Media

Self service mobile ads and data platform indepent mobile advertising network headquartered in the US and is currently the second largest mobile ad network in the world - behind Google's Admob.

TikTok Ads

Real. Short. Videos.

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The original full screen mobile ad network

Mobicow was one of the first full screen mobile ad networks.


Multi-screen digital video ads


Fuelling the app economy

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Results-oriented mobile marketing


Best Mobile Performance Network


Rich media ads for mobile, tablet etc


Programmatic interactive mobile ads at scale.

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Innovative mobile ad platform

OnMOBiis a vertical mobile ad network, differentiated from the competition by exclusively offering its services in the....

Tapgerine Premium

Comprehensive Approach to Monetization


Convert clicks to users

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The caller ID ad network

Pingjam is a user-focused Android mobile ad network, enabling developers to monetize their app without spamming their users.


The Mobile advertising network for Europe

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Drive campaigns for post-install events

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Mobile media solutions

Smart Device Media

Rich media advertising

Smart Device Media is a mobile ad network, based in New York, which aims to enable effective digital advertising across the....


Advertising for mobile people

Hands is a Brazilian premium mobile ad network and mobile site developer.


Mobile ads, analytics & monetization

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InMobi is the largest independent mobile ad network with global reach in markets including the UK, Europe, US, South Africa and India.

Facebook Audience Network

Create an ad on Facebook. Show it across the web

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Monetize your mobile traffic only with experts

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Gamer-focussed ad network

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Mobile Affiliate Network

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Genuinely native mobile ads

Opera Mediaworks

Powering the mobile ad economy

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AdMarvel – an ad serving and mediation platform, Mobile Theory – a premium US mobile ad network, 4 Screen Advertising Ltd – a premium UK ad network and Mediaworks Performance –....


Socialize, Promote and Monetize your app


Adult mobile ads

Adultmoda is a mobile ad network wholly focused on publishers and advertisers in the adult content industry.
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